Friday, January 9, 2009

Real Snow in Dixe

We woke up to real snow. Even school was canceled.We got ready and played hard
till we got too cold. It happens fast without snow boots.

The Nativity

My cute friend DeAnna and her family got to play Mary and Joseph in the Nativity this year so we went to see them. It was so spiritual. It is nice to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.
I am so grateful for good friends. I honestly have the best friends EVER. I don't know what I would do without them. They have kept we sane through a lot of trials this last year.

Snow bunny

This one loves any flutter of snow. I think she just likes to get all dressed up for the occasion.

Christmas with Santa in the Barn

We went to Staheli Farm for their Christmas with Santa in the barn. It was awesome and you should all go next year if you live here. My kids had a blast.they had a yummy breakfast with Santasang lots of christmas songs had a teddy bear parade and did some crafts
This is a close up of how Brynlee feels about Santa Claus. She didn't scream but she stuck that lip out
This is right after she got off his lap and got her candy cane. Much better mood.
Carson asked for an art desk and a scooter. He has been a good boy!
Autumn wants a barbie cruise ship and a scooter. She has also been a good girl.

Carson's Christmas program

This year for Carson's Christmas program they asked me to bring him dressed as a jack in the box. His line was "jump out of the box" He did great and sang all the songs loud. This little boy loves Christmas and everything that goes with it.

I took this picture at the program and thought it was adorable. Brynlee and Lindsey have a special connection. She loves her like her own.

I can do it by myself

We are now entering the stage where Brynlee insists she can eat on her own. It makes for some messy meals.

Decorating the tree

Brynlee is being a great helper. (that sweet hairdo is for you Linds. I know how you love her morning look) The finished product.

He's 30!

Ryan turned 30 and WOULD NOT let me throw a big party. I love birthday parties but since it was his day I respected his wishes and just did a small family dinner. It was fun. Ryan is a wonderful husband and father and we love him so much!