Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Sunday

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at the Bear Mill from Grandma Bishop

This year Grandma Bishop had a brilliant idea for Christmas. She took all the grandkids to a pizza party at the Bear Mill and let them pick out any bear and outfit they wanted. I thought this was fabulous, because my kids already have all the toys they could ever want and they had the time of their lives. Autumn picked out a sparkly bear with pj's and bunny slippers. Carson got a cute little dog and dressed him up as Spiderman. I got to do Brynlee's and I think I had as much fun picking everything out as my kids did. I did a cute white bunny with matching pj's.
Grandmas are the best. Thanks so much Grandma B!!

Visiting Santa Claus

We took the kids to see Santa yesterday at the mall. I think it had been a very long day for Santa. He definetly wasn't his jolly old self. Carson added only one last minute gift request so I think we did pretty good. Hopefully after todays shoppping trips I can say I am done.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome Home Elder Christensen

I can't believe my little brother Blake is a returned missionary. (I am old!) He got back on Thursday afternoon from serving in the Harrisburg, PA mission. My parents got to go back to pick him up and meet some of the people he baptized. He was such a good missionary. Everyone loved him so much. He is still the same quiet Blake, just more mature. It has been so fun to have him home. We all missed him so much.

Carson's Christmas program

This is Carson playing Dasher at his preschool Christmas program. It was so fun to watch him. He did so good.
Autumn and Carson go to preschool together but about an hour before they were supposed to go Autumn got sick and she had to stay home. She was so sad, because she had been so excited to show us how hard they had been working on her part. It broke my heart.


I have never seen a baby smile as much as Brynlee does. It seems like she has a perma-grin all the time. She lights up the room and always seems to know how to make everyone else feel happy. I am so grateful to have such a sweet little baby.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas music

I absolutely love Christmas music. I start listening to it on November 1st and will listen to only Christmas music until January. Anyone who knows me very well knows I am addicted to iTunes. I downloaded this C.D. when it first came out and it is the best Christmas album ever made in my opinion. If you don't already have it, go get it. You will love it!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Yesterday was my dads 51st birthday. (He claims he is forty-eleven not fifty-one). I have the greatest dad ever. He is the kind of dad that you know would do anything for you and genuinely loves to be with his family (even when we all overtake his house and get loud and obnoxious). He has taught me so much and we are so lucky to have him. Love Ya Dad

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Little Doll

It is so fun having a little girl to dress. I love the pink dresses, bows, and bracelets. I have developed a serious shopping habit with this little one.

Little Angel

I love my kids!!

I went to Kiddie Kandids to get a picture of all three kids together. Getting pictures is usually very stressful but my wonderful supportive husband came with me to help and we actually had a good time. The only problem was trying to get Brynlee to stay awake for more than 3 seconds, so we finally just gave up. I loved this picture because it shows Autumn and Carson's real smiles. They have been the greatest big brother and sister. I am so proud of them.

Merry Christmas!!!

Anyone who knows us knows that as soon as Halloweeen is over its fair game to put up the christmas tree and this year is no exception. Here is a shot of the kids decorating a gingerbread house, as well as them selves. (notice the rudolph noses!) I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.

Brynlee Blessing

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Brynlee at her blessing last sunday. We had a great time visiting with everyone at our home after.