Friday, June 27, 2008


We went swimming today and when I got home I asked my kids if they were tired. They INSISTED that they were not tired at all. I told them maybe they should just lay down for a minute and see if they might be just a little tired.
Carson....."I promise mom, we are not tired"
Me....."O.K. that's fine we'll go grocery shopping."
I go in the other room and come back two minutes later....
They are out!
So I have at least an hour with all three kids asleep. What should I do with my free time????

Jumping Jacks

So what do you do in St. George when it is 107 degrees outside and the kids need to get out of the house and play......Jumping Jacks!!! Welcome to my kids' latest obsession. It is a giant warehouse full of huge inflatable toys. It is cool inside and there is a great section for parents with couches and magazines. My kids will play for hours. We spent four hours there and they still begged to stay when I finally dragged them away.

This is the four muskateers. Carson, Kyler, Kaden, and Autumn.

They even have a cute little area for little kids that Brynlee could play in.
She can crawl and climb all over and doesn't get hurt when she tumbles.
Autumn is a great big sis.
So happy.
Every hour they dim the lights, get the disco balls rolling, the dance tunes jammin, and the dance party begins! Check out Autumn's sweet moves.
This Lindsey aka the second mom
If you haven't been yet, you'll have to go give it a try.

Fishing at Pine Valley

We tried to go camping up at Pine Valley but when we got up there the campground was already full. My kids (and husband) were devastated but we decided to stay for a few hours and eat dinner and try our fishing skills. We didn't catch anything but it was absolutely beautiful up there. I love to be the mountains.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Farm Camp

My friend Sherrie is doing the most adorable kids camp at Staheli Farm this summer.
They took a tour of the farm in a behind a tractor....
slid down the corn slide...

learned about tractors....
learned about LOTS of animals......
and even got to feed them!!!!(my camera died so I missed them feeding all the animals)
(pot bellied pig named "Bacon")

They also learned about fruits and vegetables, learned about planting and harvesting a garden, gathered eggs, played lots of fun games, sang songs, ate yummy snacks, colored cute pictures, and got to see what it takes to work on a farm. Their motto is work hard and play hard. My kids had the time of their lives and I had to drag them away with a promise we would go back.
Go to for all the information. If you have kids you have to sign them up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

There is something so incredible about seeing the man you love holding a brand new baby.
My hubba hubba husband chillin on the balcony of the cruise ship.
I think he is so good looking!

Ryan is always coming up with fun things to do with the family. I love him for that.

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband Ryan. Somehow I managed to marry an incredible man that makes so happy every day. I thought I would tell him some of the things that I love about him...

I love that....

  • you are a great father to our kids.
  • you are such a hard worker.
  • you make me laugh everyday
  • you love the gospel.
  • you are always looking for ways to help others.
  • you always play with the kids when you get home from work.
  • you like treats as much as I do.
  • you never complain about my imperfections. (I know there are alot)
  • you honor your priesthood
  • you let me go out on girls nights whenever I want to
  • you cook, clean, do laundry, change diapers, and bathe kids without me having to ask you
  • you take us on super fun family vacations
  • you make my birthday fun every year
  • you teach our kids how to work
  • you are so incredibly smart
  • you can do anything you put your mind to
  • you are very sensitive to peoples feelings
  • you love to organize and make lists
  • you can fix ANYTHING
  • you take care of the kids in the middle of the night so I can get some sleep
  • you will do anything to make us happy
  • you have the cleanest closet I've ever seen
  • you always make sure we do family prayer, scriptures, and family home evening
  • you know how to clean a bathroom
  • you tell me I am beautiful even when I am big fat and pregnant
  • you call me several times a day just to say Hi and that you love me
  • you are still romantic and bring me flowers just because
  • you run and ride your bike
  • you are kind
  • you spend all your spare time with the family
  • you let me win because you know it makes me mad to lose.
  • you make fabulous crepes.
  • you want a big family.
  • you were able to take me to the temple so we could be sealed together forever.

Ryan, you are an amazing man and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I love you so so much!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brandy and Mike's Wedding

Ryan's sister Brandy got married on Saturday. Everything was beautiful and we are so excited to have Mike in the family. He has been so wonderful to Brandy's girls and I know that she is so happy. Congratulations!
You may kiss the bride!The beautiful flower girls Micah and Mallorie
Practicing her curtsyAlways got a "cheeser"I love these two so much

Out on the dance floor sweet!
The whole gang


This is what happens when a bag of chips is left out.

Bridal Shower

I went to a bridal shower for my sister in law and caught this funny picture of her daughter Micah. She is a little embarassed about the gifts her mother is receiving.

Another Day at the Lake

For some reason Carson decided he was scared of the tube and refused to get on. Ryan picked him up anyways and put him on the tube. If you can't tell, he is not pleased.
Faster Faster!!
This little girl would stay on the lake all day every day if she could.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We love the new Rec Center

This is us at the new Washington City Community Center. The pool area HUGE and so much fun. The pool is mostly indoor and there are two playgrounds, a lazy river, hydrotube, and lap pool. I think we will get a lot of use out of it all year long.
This Carson aka "Spiderman"
Brynlee loved the swings.
We found some cousins there!
Happy Days!

Playing outside with the puppy

Cambri brought over her friend A.J."s new golden retreiver puppy, West, for us to play with. He is the cutest little thing. Brynlee was so funny. She would pet his nose and then giggle. She did it over and over again. It made want to get one but I am not sure if we are ready for a dog yet or not. Those little puppies are hard to resist.