Monday, August 31, 2009

Swim Lessons

This little fish has NO FEAR AT ALL when it comes to water. My other kids would cling to me with all they had when they were her age. Brynlee will run, jump in, sink to the bottom and want to do it again. She doesn't want to be held and thinks she can swim just like her older brother and sister. Scares me to death.
Autumn learned to swim last year, so this year she was working on learning different strokes. They had her going across the lap pool. That makes me tired.
Carson can now swim on his own too. It is such a relief now that they can swim. We spend a lot of time in the water and it is easier to take all three of them by myself now. Bynlee is a full time job.

Dad Day

Happy super super belated Fathers Day to the two greatest men I know. I am so blessed to have such a great dad. He has always been such a good example to me.
and a Happy Fathers day to my perfect man Ryan. I love him so so much. Everyday he makes me feel like the luckiest wife ever.
It has been awhile since I made one of these. The kids and I had a lot of fun doing it
We got him a triathalon training book. That is his new goal for the year.

Cococut white chocolate chip bunt cake...oh how yummy

Aprons on
tools in hand
ready to go
making a big mess
finishing touches
Happy faces. So that cake the best ever (if I do say so myself)


This conversation happens quite frequently
Carson: (walks up to me with costume on)
Mom: Hi Spiderman. How are you?
Carson: (giggling and totally serious) MOM....It's me carson!!!
I'm pretty sure that he would live in this if I would let him.

We love ice cream with the neighbors

I found mini drumstick ice cream cones at the grocery store. I am now the hit of the neighborhood!! Look at those huge grins. I love it

Big day for more training wheels

We decided to try taking the training wheels off of Carson's bike and give it a try. He was so upset about this. He actually started to cry when he saw what we were going to try and make him do.
We lined them up for the photo shoot and then we were down to business.
I went inside for TWO SECONDS seriously to grab something when they started and when I came back out this is what I saw........................
Carson riding all the way down the street all by himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not kidding he learned to do it in less than 1 minute. It was amazing. At least I think so as the proud mom.

Autumns new bling

We wanted to wait for Autumn to decided on her own when she would get her ears pierced. She has decided to do it many times just to chicken out at the last minute. Then one day her aunt Cambri told her that she should get them and that was that. Autumn idolized Cambri and will do anything to be like her. So this is picture one. She is still excited.
Now she is terrified!
After. There were some big tears involved.
It's all over and now we have a happy little girl with a bit of new bling.

Saturday's in our family

My very favorite thing to do on Saturday is to take our boat out to Sand Hollow Resevoir. It is a perfect little lake with beautiful red sand makes a great family beach. Even Brynlee will go on (very slow) tube rides. She is probably my bravest child.
Autumn used to love the tube until she fell off. Now she isn't as big of a fan.

Cheesy pictures from the pool

I get the camera out and this is what they do.

Carson Preschool Graduation

Carson finished his second year at Barefoot Montesori. They said he was a great reader and a wonderful helper. Good job Carson!
They learned a lot about the solar system and were showing off their new knowledge.
Carson and his beautiful sisters
and good ol mom

Kindergarten Graduation

First of all, Yes I know that is the last day of August and this took place in May. I am trying to play major catch up. I doubt anyone still even looks at this blog, but I wanted to get caught up for our family. (These are for you Grandma C)
Autumn's class did a hawaiian luau for their presentation. It was darling. They were fun to watch. Some of these kids have some really funny personalities
This is Kaitlin Skinner, one of Autumn's best friends. They got to play a lot after school.

This is Autumn's teacher, Ms. Quan. Autumn absolutely loved her to pieces. She was a great teacher. Thanks Ms Quan.

She wants to be a cowgirl

After a super cool birthday party at Callie Graf's, Autumn has decided she wants to be a cowgirl.
She looks pretty cute on that saddle.
Both of the kids loved riding on ponies. It was a great idea for a birthday party.

Carson's birthday

My little man turned 5 this summer.

All of his cute little friends came over....
and played on the coolest inflatable water slide ever. It was a hit!

We finished it off with yummy cupcake cones. We love birthdays at our house!