Thursday, November 19, 2009

Staheli family farm

Family outing to our favorite Staheli Family Farm

horse rides
Bishop family hoe down band

wandering throught the corn maze
picking the biggest pumpkin we can find

Go Patriots!

Carson got to do kindergarten flag football year.
Lucky Ryan got talked into being the coach by his wife.
Its pretty funny watching five year olds try to understand "plays" when they don't even understand what direction they are supposed to run. They usually got the ball and ran straight out of bounds to avoid the rush of boys running at them.
Carson did have some cute cheerleaders on the sideline.
Go Patriots!

Marathon #5

we are so proud of you

Brynlee's b-day

I'm 2!!

I'm very girly. I love tea parties...

and baby dolls


and my DADDY!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumns 7th birthday

breakfast in bed

10 hyper little first graders

the sweet Hannah Montana electric guitar cake

family dinner at Red Robin (Autumns favorite)

I think she had a pretty good day