Monday, September 29, 2008

She is 6

I didn't think it was possible but I'm afraid that I have created another little person that loves birthdays as much as I do. She looks forward to this day for months. We have had the party planned since March. This year she asked for.....a desk, bookshelf, running shoes, running clothes, makeup, hair stuff, coloring supplies, soccer ball, basketball, mermaid barbie, a recorder, Ariel doll to do her hair, jewelry, jewelry box, princess dress up dress, decorations for her room, play horses, littlest petshop, and a water bottle. Because she has so many people that love her, she got everything she wanted and more (except the water bottle). She was beyond spoiled but that is what birthdays are all about.
This is first thing in the morning. Her dad made her favorite breakfast for her...french toast...yummy!
The friend party. The theme was "Luau" so of course we went swimming.
Autumn and her friend Chloe. We wish she would move closer.
Kaden and Kyler..our favorite friends across the street.
HULA!!!!I made a Hula girl cake.
and we had Hawaiian haystacks for dinner.

I think she had a pretty good day. Happy 6th birthday. We love you!

My sister

My little sister moved to Orem to go to hair school. I miss her terribly.

Can I brag for a bit?

This is Autumn with her new Kindergarten teacher doing SEP testing. I have to tell you...Autumn is a smart little thing. She passed off everything the teacher had her do, which is the stuff they should have learned by the END of the year. When Autumn finished the testing, she took a deep breath and sighed "Oh Good, that was so easy". Apparently she was nervous but she did great!! I am so proud.

Good Old Lagoon

Ryan's company had a lagoon day last month. They paid for our family to go and had a big catered dinner after. I haven't been there for almost eight years. We all had a blast. I decided this needs to be a yearly tradition. (but next time we are doing the water park part)

(from their new ride "Odyssey"...great way to cool off)

Future Rachel Ray?

My kids LOVE to help me in the kitchen. They want to pour, crack eggs, stir, or use the chopper. They are happy to do anything. I should let them help me more often. Sometimes I just want to get it done but I really should be more patient. Maybe someday soon they can take over for me. That would be fantastic!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost here

I'm ready for................

red, orange, and yellow leaves
long pants
hot chocolate
being outside during the day
fall scented scentsy candles (pumpkin spice)

Are you?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tagged. Random Pics

I was tagged by Jen Cambell this morning to take specific pictures around my house. They are pretty random requests but kinda interesting. Here it goes....
#1- My bathroom. I actually really like my bathroom. When we bought the house it was one of my favorite parts. Big and spacious. My favorite part is the vanity.
#2 What are your kids doing "right now"? I took these pictures early in the morning. Carson is eating his cereal. Fruit Loops. (Yes, I realize there is little nutritional value but they are his favorite) Autumn is very busy getting her beauty sleep. I love watching them sleep. They are so peaceful Brynlee's head popped up when I tried to sneak in to take this picture. Check out that bed head. She definetely gets that from me. So cute!!!#3 My shoes. I just got these about a week ago and I love love them. They aren't my most practical shoes but I love when I can find an excuse to wear them. 99% of the time I am in flip flops or barefoot.

#4 Self Portrait Picture. I really am not a fan of this one. NO ONE should have a camera this close to ones face this early in the morning, but whatever...I am not afraid.
#5. My favorite room. It is my family room. This is where we all hang out. Good Times.
#6 Kitchen Sink....boring..what else can i say. I love my scentsy warmer. My bffmfeo Lindsey Terry sells them. Visit her site here
#7 Laundry Room. This is the downstairs laundry room. Lucky for you I did laundry on Saturday. Normally this room is ALOT scarier.
#8- My closet. One of Ryan's favorite features of our house is seperate closets. It is my very own and it can be messy if I want and nobody can be annoyed.

#9 The Refrigerator..Looks pretty empty. The sad thing is I went grocery shopping yesterday.

#10 Dream Vacation. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Thanks to Delta Skymiles my dream will come true next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so super excited. We are staying at Turtle Bay in North Shore, Oahu. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we HAVE to do? (Besides sit on the beach and enjoy. YAY!!!
Now I tag.............Brooke, Jennie, Josie, and Lindsey. Let's see it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From the desk of Autumn

Carson's First Day of Preschool

A week after Autumn started school, it was finally Carson's turn. He looked so handsome. Last year Autumn and Carson went to preschool together so he was a little sad that his sister wasn't going to be there with him but he loved his first day.

Autumn's First Day of Kindergarten

My little girl started school. She has been anxiously looking forward to this day for the last three years. She is in afternoon kindergarten so the morning before school started was torture for her. She was ready to go by about 8:00 and we had to get creative to keep her busy. She loves going and is doing so good. I can't believe how grown up she has gotten.