Monday, August 31, 2009

Swim Lessons

This little fish has NO FEAR AT ALL when it comes to water. My other kids would cling to me with all they had when they were her age. Brynlee will run, jump in, sink to the bottom and want to do it again. She doesn't want to be held and thinks she can swim just like her older brother and sister. Scares me to death.
Autumn learned to swim last year, so this year she was working on learning different strokes. They had her going across the lap pool. That makes me tired.
Carson can now swim on his own too. It is such a relief now that they can swim. We spend a lot of time in the water and it is easier to take all three of them by myself now. Bynlee is a full time job.


tarat said...

Oh my gosh, she sounds exactly like Kiley! Ki dunks herself over and over. She swallows half the pool, and before she is even done coughing it up, she dunks herself again. I swear I don't have to walk to go into labor, I just have to take Kiley swimming!

Mitchell Family said...

I LOVE all the updates. You know I never wanted to have another child (at least not for a while) until I saw you with your little family in those pictures. You guys are too cute. Now I don't think it would be that big of a deal if I did get pregnant:) Send me your dad's email and I will send him an invite. I miss your parents. They are so cute..just as ever before